About Us

My Vision

My Vision is your vision.  I want to make sure that I have every “t” crossed, and every “i” dotted.  The way I do that is by getting in depth into the musical selections, finding out your type of MC approach, Lighting color, and any other specifications you have.  Everything is already prepared for you, and I will make sure the plan is executed properly.

I started out as a musician, gigging out 5 nights a week.  I learned that I could also DJ very well, so I have combined the two to make a perfect night for anyone who books myself, or any of my colleagues.

Where can you find me?

Here’s a few ways you can find me during the week, or in your spare time.  You can always call, email, or Facebook message too!

Hartford Resident DJ

DJ Be can be found at Rocking Horse Saloon in Hartford some weekends

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Night Trivia

Trivia Junkies Every Monday, Tuesday, and thursday at 3 different locations. One’s a Brewery, one’s a mexican joint, and the other is a great bar!

Brett Giglio

Recording Artist You can always check out my music on soundcloud or youtube.  I have originals and covers up.  I would love to hear some feedback!